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What we do?

Corporate Events can range from treating your staff to a motivational day out to showing appreciation to your clients for their business, or even to help you win further business, There are various ways to do this and we have numerous things you can do. Simply advise us what you want to achieve and we will put forward our suggestions for your company.

Corporate Entertainment & Hospitality

Entertaining corporate clients can be a daunting task and finding the right way to them is essential if you are going to achieve your objectives.

We can arrange and run the day for you so you can spend quality time with your clients.

Entertainment will vary depending on the client. So if you're looking for excitement and adventure with a twist we can offer anything from hovercraft racing to paint-balling in armoured vehicles or for the more discerning client we can offer golfing, go karting and much more.

We can also arrange packages for various sporting events and concerts around the country. If you have something specific you are interested in, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Our packages are not off the shelf and will be created exclusively for you according to your requirements.

Party Planning

Our approach is to provide our clients with an enjoyable party planning experience which will guarantee your party is talked about for years to come. During this process we keep a steady eye concerning all aspects of the party, from theming in the room to arranging suitable table centrepieces to providing entertainment appropriate to the party theme.

While Awards Ceremonies can be inspiring, they can also come dangerously close to being dull and unexciting! We can help you make your awards ceremony exactly what it should be, interesting, enjoyable and above all else motivational, injecting it with elegance and style ensuring the whole event is run precisely and smoothly, and making all the participants feel the awards are worth receiving.